Partners in crime…….

Since the moment he was born Miss Astrid has loved her baby brother.  When he was tiny she loved to cuddle him, and help me look after him.

When he started moving they would sit, playing with toys. Astrid enjoyed Søren crawling around and playing chaseys.  She wasn’t such a fan of him emptying all her toys, pulling bits of out of her dollhouse or taking what she was playing with for himself, but they still generally were best buddies and loved each other to bits.

I last posted photos of their sibling love about 4 months back, when Søren was about to turn one.  Oh the cuteness………  Now that Søren is up and walking/running everywhere, things have changed again.  These days, there is a quantity of hair pulling and toy snatching. Astrid is prone to several tantrums a day when Søren takes something off her that she was playing with (and refuses to give it back even though it was his toy to start with).  Søren gives as good as he gets and loves to pull her hair at every opportunity.  Yes, it hurts as he does it to me too!……..but she does wave her hair in front of him taunting him to do it. On the upside, he also gives Astrid cuddles at every opportunity, often climbing up on the lounge to give her a good (if sometimes hair pulling) cuddle.

I do have to separate them some days as when both tired there can be a few tears. Luckily it doesn’t last for too long and they are laughing and giggling again in no time.  Astrid still loves to help look after Søren. Changing his nappy, helping put him to bed and even hand feeding him crackers with hommus or sultanas (which he thoroughly enjoys).   Søren loves to copy everything his sister does (sadly this involves copying her dance moves). He loves to play with whatever she is playing with, usually while she is playing with it – to shouts of ‘Søren is ruining my game’. Lately he has been rocking her dress ups, also sporting a bright pink purse and playing ‘wrap the doll’ up with his big sister.

Astrid has well and truly indoctrinated Søren into the land of babycino drinking and bowl licking when baking.  She loves having someone to play with, but would prefer he followed her rules!

This pretty much sums it up………..

Luckily there is still a healthy dose of this!

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