The sick, the snot, but oh so cute together……..

Oh how we all hate sick kids! The best bit about more than one kid is that they make each other sick (and usually us too!).  Twice the germs, snot, tissues and grumpiness. I feel for those of you with three and four kids, it must be a nightmare when they get sick one after the other.

We’ve had more than our fair share of colds and ear infections this year. It’s been pretty much constant since about February, with the maybe a week here or there without someone being under the weather.  Now the cold weather has hit and of course we all have colds again.  A nasty, sore throat, sore eyes and sneezy, snotty (oh the snot) cold.  We can’t even blame Astrid for bringing this one home from preschool as Søren had it first.

When sick Søren turns into a grump (understandably), but wants all the cuddles and all the attention. It used to be that only I would do, now his sister is just as good, if not better.  Normally I’m made to sit with him while he eats, drinks or whinges but when Astrid goes into big sister mode and gives him cuddles and attention it is the best thing ever.  He loves having her feed him biscuits and hold his drink bottle for him and generally be his slave.

He went from bottom lip out like he was a pelican out fishing, to grinning like a Cheshire cat once his sister was ‘helping’.

A couple of days later and Astrid is the one who is feeling very under the weather. Despite being sick himself Søren felt the need to return the cuddle favour to his sister.  Astrid was curled up on the lounge looking very miserable and Søren would take himself over the lounge, crawl up and give her big squeezy cuddles. It didn’t matter how many times I removed him, he would run straight back and lay on the lounge cuddling his sister………..  he also likes to poke her eyes and eyelashes and generally climb all over her – but it was done with the utmost care and affection!

Oh the cute, even if Astrid was not feeling well enough to appreciate the gesture.

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