There is a new moose master in town…….

Long time blog readers will have seen more than a few posts about Astrid’s love of the IKEA rocking moose.  A Christmas present, when she was 6 months old, the moose has lived in our family room and been ridden most days.

Now at 19 months, Master Soren has declared himself the new Moose Master!  He can get on and off the moose at will, and violently rocks poor moose all over the room.  Moose is great for watching TV from, eating on, reading on………or just hanging out on.

Why may you ask, does the moose have a camel on his antlers?  The camel is Soren’s and was a gift from his Grandparents from their Egypt/Jordan trip last year.  The camel must be riding on Moose’s antlers at all times.  I don’t know why………..but that is how Soren likes his moose. If the camel falls off, it must be replaced before rocking can commence.  The other day, the camel was temporarily misplaced and there was a meltdown until an alternative was found (which happened to be a small kiwi) which also had to ride on Moose’s antlers. It was declared not a suitable substitute however, and a tantrum ensued until the camel was relocated.  Then both the kiwi and Camel had to ride together……

There is no doubt Soren loves his Moose!  The enthusiastic rocking and gymnastic manoeuvres are amusing, and you can’t wipe the smile off his face…….


When not grinning, I’ve captured a few wonderful Moose faces.  Apparently tongue poking and intense concentration are all part of the Moose riding experience……..

Here are some pictures of Astrid rocking the Moose, at the same age.  Just as much enthusiasm, but less antler camels!

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