Introducing baby v3.0 (the final tiny human addition to the household)….

On a beautiful 31 degree Spring day we welcomed baby W v3.0 (the final edition)! Already fond of causing chaos and turning our life upside down as well as in-utero tumble turns. Born (thankfully head-first rather than bum first) at 2.24pm on the 13th of November, 4.5 hours after waters breaking and in a little under a two-hour established labour, she was in a hurry to meet us!

Despite predictions of a petite size, I baked another good one, she weighed in at 3.35kg (7 pounds 6 oz) and 53cm long, a week early. Almost another water birth except for a last-minute technology failure.

More birth photos to come eventually but she was cute from the moment we met her! With a beautiful crop of hair, big dark blue eyes, insanely long fingers and all arms and legs and huge flipper sized feet.

Astrid and Søren are ecstatic with their much longed-for sister (although they would have gotten over it if she was a boy!). Mum and Dad are already worried that if she has half the attitude and spunk of her big sister we are in serious trouble …. and thus far she both looks like and acts like big sis with a little bit of big brother thrown in!

We’ve taken our time naming this little ball of cute.  She has been known as ‘Baby W’, ‘Fluffy’, ‘McSqueaky’, ‘Shortlist’ and ‘Astrid 2’ but we are pleased to announce she is now officially….

Zinnia Delphine W……

Little sister to Astrid Élodie and Søren Augustus.

Zinnia has settled in well at home and is adored by her siblings and is definitely cute enough to get away with making her parents rather exhausted.  Zinnia loves to be cuddled and is thus far fairly well-behaved. Newborns stomp their feet and talk back less than their older siblings.

As usual there have been quite the number of photos taken of her Royal cuteness, enjoy the newborn baby spam, plenty more to come……

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