Zinnia’s 2nd month on the outside!

It seems like I just finished editing all the photos and posting about Zinnia’s first month, now here we are in the second half of January and she is 2 months old!  It’s school holidays and hot, hot, hot. The days seem to go forever, especially with a baby who isn’t fond of sleeping in the afternoon and evening, but really time is flying.

Here are a collection of photos of Zinnia’s second month on the outside. We’ve had Christmas and it’s now 2019, her siblings are giving her non-stop attention and it’s the middle of the hottest Summer we’ve had in a long time. There has been plenty of cuddles and lots of hanging in the aircon…… and of course plenty of photos!

At 1 month old we were just getting used to our quiet days at home with the big kids at school and preschool. Check out all my hair! Fingers crossed it isn’t falling out like my big sister who was looking like an old man by this point!

Big sister had taken to dressing me in her headbands and I love smiling at people when awake……. I’m still good at cranky faces too!

I’m still super adorable when sleeping. Ninja sleeping included!

At 4 weeks old I had my first flights when I had to accompany mum to Sydney for a doctor’s appointment.  I mostly snoozed through the flights and taxi ride and spent some time grinning at the flight attendants.  I wasn’t worried at all about the turbulence…….

Now 5 weeks old and getting ready for Christmas, with my new favourite bunny (and plenty of cuddles). I still prefer to snooze in places other than my hammock!

The last day of school for the year came around very fast and I enjoyed some time chilling at home with mum before 6 weeks with my adoring older siblings……

Speaking of those siblings, they are great at helping cuddle, bath and entertain me. Even if sometimes they give me a little too much attention. I recognise them and smile when I see them.  I still spend most evenings cuddled up on mum though. I don’t like to sleep anywhere near my bed after 4pm!

The weekend before Christmas we finally managed to get the alpacas shorn. They were pretty fluffy (and hot by now). I have been out walking with my alpacas, but they weren’t all that impressed when dad tried to get me to ride them!

I turned 6 weeks on Christmas day. I have no idea about Christmas and spent most of it sleeping on my beanbag and people! Luckily my big brother and sister were happy to help me open all my presents. Even if they did make me try most of them on.

At 6 weeks old the gummy grins are huge, I love to smile at everyone, especially mum, dad, and my brother and sister.  I have figured out my cuteness gets me attention……  and gee I’m cute!

I still prefer to spend my evenings sleeping on people, so convenient for mum!  At 6 weeks I’ve also discovered my hands and feet and like to use them…..

As 2019 rolled around I turned 7 weeks old.  I almost made my parents stay up to midnight! I’m great at not sleeping until at least 11pm and then mum really enjoys those couple of hours sleep before I’m up again for a feed.   Lucky I even give her gorgeous grins in the middle of the night.

My sister is trying to instil her love of headbands in me, I still have plenty of hair for them…..

It’s been super hot so I’ve gone for lots of late afternoon walks in the pram where I get to nap in the breeze while mum pushes me up the hill.  I also love taking my alpaca friends out for walks while I get carried around in the sling…….

If I thought the pram was good, I love the chariot even more! My infant sling for the chariot finally arrived and I first tried it out a picnic at the Cotter. The big kids had a ball playing in the playground and checking out ducks and lizards and I grinned and slept in my new favourite child transport system……

Eight weeks already and I still adore my baths. I’m getting too long for the baby bath so the big bath where I can stretch out is a treat.

Toys are getting more interesting and I love lying around on my play mat, kicking my toys and coo-ing.  I still don’t like to sleep in the afternoon but luckily adore the chariot so have been going for lots of walks in the evening when it’s only 35 degrees rather than 40! I often stay asleep when we get home from a walk so the chariot gets parked in the air conditioning while I continue to nap……
Now I’m 2 months old, how cute am I? I’m just over 4kg and finally filling out my 4×0 clothes properly. I’m getting so long though that mum has had to crack into the 3×0 wardrobe, more cute outfits for me!

Four weeks into the school holidays and I’m getting a lot of attention from my siblings still. I grin when I  see them and I love it when they play with me……..  

I’m one pretty  cute 2 month old………even mum tells me that at 3am! She also tells me to stop grinning and go back to sleep. I know how cute I am at all hours of the day though!!!

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