The Camelid Castle Christmas 2019…..

It’s been a long and hot school holidays so far but I hadn’t forgotten about the Christmas photos……. With extreme temperatures, bush fires, a city constantly covered in hazardous smoke and a round of gastro that took us out one by one, it’s been a long few weeks!

Christmas was a quiet affair, well as quiet as it can be with 3 excitable small children. Zinnia wasn’t sure what the Christmas thing was all about but she soon discovered more presents (she was in practice due to her recent birthday) shiny decorations, lights and endless food are all good things! So while there hasn’t been much blogging (or even that many photos by my standards) here are a few of the Christmas festivities…

With a busy December, we only got the tree and decorations up mid-December but the kids were thrilled……

By Christmas Eve, the parent-elves were up late working and cooking but the house was ready and 3 kids were in bed waiting for the excitement the morning would bring…..

The excitement was high in the morning, no one slept in, but they never do anyway so we weren’t surprised. Let the festival of unwrapping begin….

There had to be a break for the special Christmas breakfast of crepes with cherries and mascarpone……

Then the playing and presents kept on rolling as more family arrived……… There might have been a whole lot more food too….what is Christmas without a whole day eating festival????

Yep, between the presents there was plenty of food…….. and this year Zinnia was in on the action!

There had to be a several hour break between main course and dessert, but we did achieve food coma status by late afternoon!

There was plenty of time to play with new toys, graze on yet more food and cover yourself in gravy if you are Zinnia!

A couple of weeks on and the house is yet to return to a state of cleanliness but we did work our way through most of the left overs. The kids are already talking about next Christmas! I’ll contemplate that in a few months time ūüėČ Meanwhile the new acquisitions of toys, games, craft and books are still getting a work out while we hide from the heat and smoke!

We are looking forward to some cooler temperatures and less smoke on our next adventure that is starting soon…….

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