Favourite Photo Friday – 1/2/13

This is a photo from this week. I realised I hadn’t taken any photos of Scully recently, I’m generally too busy photographing a certain young lady!

Scully was lazing about upstairs in the media room, where it was fairly dark. I also had my 90mm lens on the camera so I needed to bump the ISO quite high. I’m loving the fact that the new camera does a much better job at higher ISOs. On my D80 this would be very noisy at 1600 ISO. No noise reduction was needed here at all and it’s fairly noise free unless you go pixel peeping.

For once Scully was actually happy to have her photo taken, so long as I didn’t mind providing pats in between shots!

Photo details:
D7000 with Tamron 90mm f2.8
ISO 1600, focal length 90mm
Exposure: 1/400 @ f4.5

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