Favourite Photo Friday – 31/5/13

This weeks photo is bought to you by the letters B for bribery, C for chocolate and P for Pancakes!

So a certain young lady hasn’t been sleeping that well lately. Lots of waking up screaming hysterically, from what appears to be nightmares.  It’s making us all a little tired, especially when it’s taking her hours and hours to go back to sleep each time.

The other night the adults hadn’t even gotten to bed (despite it already being late) and she was awake screaming. After a couple of hours of sitting with her and taking it in turns to get her to sleep she was still awake and having a tantrum about me not wanting to spend the entire night sitting in her room with her while she chatted.  I had given up and had gone to bed and was trying to ignore the almighty tantrum going on at the other end of the house during the wee small hours of the morning.

Anto took his turn to go down and have a discussion with Miss A.  After not too long he reappeared, she was quiet and we all went to sleep.  The next morning we all managed to sleep in til 7.15am. Bliss in the sleeping department given we’d been up very, very late but not so good when Anto has to leave for work by then.  At any rate I was happy we had all had some sleep.

Next thing I know Astrid is requesting her chocolate pancakes.  Apparently dad had promised choc chip pancakes for breakfast if she slept 🙂 Well it worked, so no complaints from me.  Antony then had to make the pancakes so he got to work very late that day!  Astrid thoroughly enjoyed her bribery as you can see from this weeks pictures……….


 D7000 with Nikon 35mm f1.8
ISO 400, focal length 35mm
Exposure: 1/100 @ f/2.5

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