Spring time at the park!

When you are two you can’t beat a park outing!  Now that the days have been warmer and sunnier we have been taking the alpacas to our local park more frequently. It’s only just down the hill from our house and is surrounded by grass so it’s a good place to hang out on our walks.

Astrid became quite the park expert while we were in Paris. Their parks are a little, uh different to ours!  The local park here is just a slide, some swings and some tan bark. Not castles, ponds with sail boats and horse drawn carriages!  Nevertheless, parks are a good way to spend some time in the sun.

Our local park is actually not great for really little ones. The slide is very high and the swings are too. Astrid wasn’t a huge fan of this park until a few months ago. She much preferred the ones near her Grandparents where the equipment was more her size.  It was about this time last year we started bringing her down to our local park. Back then we had to go on everything with her.  Oh how she has grown since these pics!

It’s only been a month or two she has been happy to negotiate the slide without holding hands. Now you can’t stop her!

The swing is also a bit hit…….. after months of being terrified of all swings 🙂

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