The seven month Søren …….

Seven months old today and too cheeky and adorable for my own good….. Still no teeth, I can almost sit on my own. I never, ever stay still and it takes 2 adults to change my nappy or dress me!

At seven months I like:
– food, all food, and the more of it the better
– squealing at like a seal
– blowing raspberries
– going for walks
– getting into mischief
– not staying where I am left
– getting into anything I am not supposed to
– rolling everywhere
– boobs
– my mum and dad
– my big sister (she is so much fun)
– the cats (for patting and lifting up by their fur)
– baths and showers
– books
– jumping in the jolly jumper
– flapping my arms and trying to skydive when I’m supposed to be sleeping
– making sure my mum and dad get nothing done and no interrupted sleep!
…… and did I mention food?

At seven months I dislike:
– my cot (I am getting better with it though)
– napping when I’m supposed to
– milk and bottles
– when the food stops being given to me.

Some photos from Søren’s seventh month………

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