So which genes won?

After I did the comparison post between Astrid and Soren as babies, and determined they are very similar, I promised to compare to photos of myself and Anto as babies.  So we’ve dug out some old photos to compare.  Unfortunately the photos of old 70s photos aren’t the best but I think it’s still pretty clear who they most look like.

Click on any Astrid or Soren tag  at the bottom of the blog to see photos of Astrid and Soren at various ages, and here are their parents in all our 70s splendour!

Antony as a baby

Both Astrid and Soren have some resemblance to Anto as a baby, although Soren more so.  That first picture of Antony in the highchair, could be Astrid though! As you will see from the toddler photos Astrid gets more Antony like as she gets older.

Nic as a baby

Not a huge amount of resemblance there, but some of the newborn photos do look similar to Astrid and Soren as newborns. I struggled to find any photos of me as a baby that could be mistaken for Astrid or Soren.

Antony as a toddler……… with his baby brother Michael

Yep, toddler Anto is a dead ringer for Astrid as a toddler.  Gee he was a pretty toddler.  I always suspected Soren looked like Anto as a baby but was shocked to see how much Soren looks like Michael as a baby.  The age difference between Anto and Mikl is 2 years and 1 month. There is 2 years and 3.5 months between Astrid and Soren and the two of them together is like looking at Astrid and Soren now.

Nic as a toddler

Nope, I didn’t get a look in it would seem.  From time to time I see expressions in both Astrid and Soren that look like me. The photo of me sleeping on the couch is an Astrid face, but she looks so much more like her Dad. I do laugh when people comment they look like me. They both got my stubbornness and ability to tantrum though……

……. and this photo says it all. Astrid is convinced this photo is of her and Soren.  It is actually Anto and Michael, but the similarities are very striking.

So what do you think, whose genes won?

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