Double the chocolaty joy………

When Astrid was a bub we introduced the babycino fairly early on. She has always loved going out for morning teas, and a frothy, warm , chocolaty milk drink was a big hit.  It didn’t hurt that both her parents are coffee fiends.  She had plenty of opportunity to indulge in her babycino passion while out with us at cafes and at home (everyone has an industrial coffee machine at home, right?).

Since is big sister was forever getting babycinos, Søren quickly learnt what they were all about.  Now if you ask him if he’d like a coffee he immediately runs over to the helper stool and tries to climb up. He certainly knows what he likes.  Here he is eagerly anticipating his babycino………

Yep, we are pretty sure that Master Søren Augustus is a babycino fan!  He downs one in about 2 minutes flat. If only he were more gentle with his cups, he could progress from the paper cups to the ceramic ones (which hold much more!).

Babycinos are pretty good, but even better when you score morning tea along with your milk drink.

Søren definitely gets himself in a mess with his babycinos. There is not much doubt that he is a fan of the chocolaty milk, the grins say everything!

Søren has absolutely learnt his frothy milk loving ways from his big sister!  Miss Astrid is a bit of a fan of her babycinos.  These days she is in charge of making them. This results in a lot of chocolate powder on the bench, Astrid and the helper stool.  She is not yet allowed to steam the milk but turning the coffee machine on and off for Mum and Dad’s coffee is almost as good.

Astrid takes her babycino drinking very seriously, be we still can’t figure out at 3.5 years old how she gets into quite as much mess as she does.

We have two rather spoilt kids, not all small children get almost daily home-made babycinos.  It turns out that the helper stool is also one of the best things we’ve ever made (royal we, Anto made it!).  Between cooking, baking,  meal preparation and babycino drinking, the kids spend a fair amount of time on their helper stool. It’s paid for itself several times over in just keeping the chocolate mess confined to a small space………

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