Time flies when you get no sleep….. Zinnia’s 3rd & 4th month!

While I’ve been busy catching up on the travel blogging (which is so close to being done) and keeping 3 children alive, Zinnia has quickly made it to 4 months. We’ve had a busy couple of months, finishing off the hot Summer holidays, the big kids returning to school, and Soren starting Kindergarten. There has also been plenty of swim meets, bike riding and outings (or attempted outings) to Enlighten and the balloon festival.

Meanwhile the newborn days (or daze perhaps) is over and Zinnia is happily being dragged along to most activities and keeping us on our toes. Here is the collection of photos from the last couple of months, she has definitely grown!

It seems like just the other day I was editing photos of her first and second months and now she is 4 months!

Mid- January, 2 months……

At 2 months I am still fitting well in my 4×0 clothes (I’m still tiny) but I now am starting to love playing with my toys! I also get plenty of attention from my big brother……

I’m super cheeky with plenty of giggles and poking out my tongue!

I still love my baths, even though I’m getting a bit big for the baby bath on the bench but it’s so relaxing and I can splash water everywhere!

The end of January my big brother and sister went camping and hiking in Tidbinbilla with Dad and Grandma, and I stayed home with Mum, where we hung out in airconditioning and took nice long walks in the chariot! Camping photos by Soren and Astrid……..

We finished off the school holidays by hanging out at yet another swim meet with Astrid (I have already been to quite a few swim meets at my young age!) and some visits to Questacon……..

I’m also a big fan of those pretty lights on the TV, even though Mum says I shouldn’t watch TV, sometimes my brother lets me watch Octonauts and Fireman Sam with him!


At the start of February I’m 2.5 months old and pretty good at using my hands and feet. I love to kick and dance, especially when Soren is dancing for me! I have the cutest grins but I still sometimes make grumpy faces………

I smile when I see my siblings and I love cuddles from everyone but especially my family…..

I’m starting to wear some of my 3×0 clothes (although most of my 4×0 still fit). I am getting longer though…….. Luckily I still fit in my hammock, which is my favourite place to sleep – when I’m not allowed to sleep on people!

The last week of the school holidays I get my first bike ride in the chariot, and I love it, it’s like walking but faster. I actually giggled! I also get to hang out at even more swim meets…….

Summer is still going. It’s been long and hot! I’m slowly getting to bed at a slightly better hour at night. It’s no longer 10 or 11pm, usually more like 9 or 9.30pm but Mum is still spending plenty of time on the couch feeding me. We’ve had lots of thunderstorms, and some beautiful sunsets. My parents don’t get dinner until after I’m in bed so they have seen plenty of those sunsets…….

School goes back……

Finally it’s time for the big kids to go back to school. Soren starts his first year of full time school (Kindergarten) and a day later Astrid starts Year 3. All of a sudden it’s quiet in the house for part of the day and I get mum to myself!

I do love it when my siblings come home though and play with me….. Soren likes to entertain me with his roboraptor!

I’ve pretty much figured out that my cheeky grin and big blue eyes will get me anything I want!

How can you say no to this adorable face?

Early February and it’s still super-hot most days, but cooling down a little in the mornings and evenings so I can crack out some of my cute cardis…. It also means we can spend a little more time outside, I’m going for quite a few alpaca walks tucked up in the sling which I love!

3 months old!

I’m now almost 3 months and picking up my toys really well! My siblings are on notice about all the lego and marbles on the floor….. lucky they adore me!

Just as I was about to turn 3 months old (and it was the second week of the school year), Dad went away overseas for work. Luckily Granny came to help out for a lot of the time so Mum didn’t go totally insane and my sibling actually got to school on time!

Luckily I’m super cute, as my siblings aren’t always the best behaved when they are tired from school. I did have lots of visits from friends and enjoyed the extra attention from Granny.

I also got to have a bath every single night, which meant the floor got a good wash from my splashing!

While Dad was away, the coffee machine broke….. this was the face mum made! Then we had to do extra walks to the coffee shops so I could nap while she got coffee…..

I finally got to have a go in the bumbo, which was super fun as I love sitting up and playing with my toys……

My siblings are entirely nuts, but they do keep me entertained!

My new favourite trick is standing! I think I’m pretty clever…….

3.5 months…..

Finally at the end of February Dad was back and it was time to make the most of the last of Summer and go on my first long bike ride in the chariot, as we rode to one of our favourite cafes for cannoli. Astrid rode the whole way (22km) and Soren did 13km. I just napped and had to make to do with milk from mum rather than Iced chocolates!

I’m full of smiles, grins and giggles now! I laugh at my family and love it when people dance for me and blow raspberries on my tummy 🙂


I’m so full of dribble now that the dribble bibs have been cracked out. I’m desperately trying to grow teeth but my gummy grin is still so cute!

I’m chewing on absolutely everything and my favourite food is unicorn!

Enlighten and Autumn long weekend fun…..

During March Canberra has plenty of fun events. Most years we try to make it to Enlighten and the balloon festival. The long weekend we braved Enlighten for a noodle market dinner with the whole family and Granny and Great Aunt Sue. I wasn’t so fussed on the lights and late night out but Astrid and Soren had a wonderful time as always…….

I also got a visit from Great Aunt Sue and got my special bear ‘Irene’. She is super cute, just like me. Now we have a whole family of bears – Astrid’s Ruby, Soren’s Ethan and Irene!

We also went for another long ride for brunch on the public holiday of the Canberra day weekend, with Astrid completing 28.5km and Soren 15km while I thoroughly enjoyed yet another long outing in the chariot. Again I wasn’t allowed Iced chocolate 🙂

After 3 attempts at getting up early and having the weather conspire against us with no balloons being launched, we had to admit defeat until next year. Hopefully by then Mum and Dad would have had some sleep and we can all go out early to see them launch!

4 months

It’s mid-March and I’m now 4 months! I am chatting and cooing constantly and so full of personality. As a reward for being 1/3 of a year old I got my next lot of immunisations, which I even tried to smile through (it almost worked until that nasty nurse squeezed in the fluid).

My siblings are looking forward to giving me some real food in the next month or so (although Mum says no Iced chocolate). For the meantime I’ll eat my bunny!

Happy 4 months Zinnia Delphine…….

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