Zinnia, loves to jump, jump, jump…..

One of the most loved toys in this house has always been the jolly jumper. From around 4 months of age until they can walk, it brings hours of hilarity! We first got the jolly jumper when Astrid was around 5 months and she immediately loved it. Soren starting jumping when he was 4 months, and kept it up until he was well over 1. When Zinnia was 4 months and finally putting both feet flat when standing, we cracked out the old jolly jumper so to see how she went.

At first she wasn’t sure……

What is this strange thing you’ve put me in?

Then she got the legs moving….. hang on, it’s pretty fun just hanging here, and I can move my legs!

Okay, this is pretty cool, I can spin around and dance (with high pitched squeals to boot!)……..

It’s even better when my brother sits on the floor and chats to me while I dance around him…….

Every day Mum can put me in this thing and actually get the dishwasher emptied or the school lunches made! I like to peek around the corner and check she is there but bounce, bounce, bouncing is pretty fun……..

On the days mum forgets to put my dribble bib on, she comes back to a pile of drool on the floor and my soaking wet top!

I’ve got taller and heavier and now I need to jump from higher. Look at me go…….

You can’t stop me grinning while I hang here bouncing up and down……

Flash back to 7.5 years ago and this was my big sister, Astrid hanging out in the jolly jumper. Yep we look pretty similar and we have the same moves……..

Not to be out-done, my big brother Soren was a super-jumper. He grinned his way through many months of jolly jumping, even helped along by Astrid, the same way he now helps Zinnia!

…….. and a final word from Miss Zinnia as she jumps and squeals away for another day!

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