A Summer Day in the Paddock

Often at the end of our walks with the alpacas we go to a paddock near our house to let them off the leads and have a run around.  Astrid loves going there and likes to sit on our picnic rug, chatting and playing with our keys and phones, feeding peppermints to the alpacas and chasing them around.

A few weeks ago I took the camera out to grab some shots of her, I posted one of my favourites here. She is soooo grown up now! For comparison the top two photos in this post were also taken in the paddock, in February last year, 11 months before these ones…….. how quickly they change……

Here she is chasing a pesky fly around……. and running around like the little lady she is now. I love the many expressions on her face, so cheeky and expressive 🙂

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