The rest of January and February…… a warm welcome back to Australia!

So it’s now May (already!) and now that I have finished the gargantuan task of the travel blogs from Europe it is time to catch up on the photos from everything that came after that. For some reason the photo taking was a little light in February (possibly something to do with the almost 8k of photos I took during our trip?).  I did crack out the camera every now and then though…..

Since you are probably all sick of my prattle, I’ll keep these blogs short and sweet. Here is what we’ve been up to …….and of course some picture galleries – click on any photo to display them larger!

A day after we returned home we had to help Astrid and Soren’s friend Ryan celebrate his 1st birthday.  I took some photos for the party, as you can see my friend Jade does amazing parties!  Astrid and Soren were jetlagged up the wazoo (and I’m surprised I could even hold my camera straight) but we all had fun even if we did forget about hats and sunscreen.  We got to the party and realised that burning thing in the sky was going to fry us….. I was so used to going out with gloves, hats and scarves!!

If the weekend wasn’t busy enough, we also belatedly celebrated Trevor’s (aka Grandpa’s) birthday with a dinner out and some coffee and walnut cake we whipped up!

Then, after a huge weekend, Astrid started school on the Monday (3 days after we arrived back from Europe). More about her first day of school in this blog, but it was a pretty huge day for all of us!

The rest of February went by in a blur……  My big girl off at school 5 days a week, and 2 months worth of gardening, house maintenance and washing to catch up on, filled in the days pretty quickly.  Soren was a bit lost without Astrid home all day, at first, but quickly got used to the fact that he didn’t have to share toys or babycino’s with anyone!

We were hoping to miss most of the hot Summer, but Canberra had other ideas, with a very warm February. The kids soaked up the sunshine and loved playing outdoors.  The dahlias in the garden were spectacular and we were treated to many beautiful sunsets after long and hot days.  Our February looked a little like this…..

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    1. I can’t believe it’s May either!!! The year has gone too fast. Lucky I edited the party photos for you straight away or Ryan would have been 1.5 before you got them 🙂

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