Inti and Chimu turn 10!

During February our backyard alpacas, Inti and Chimu, turned 10! Yes, that means we have been the crazy alpaca people for almost a decade now……

Alpacas aren’t your average backyard pets.  People often ask why we have alpacas in our backyard, as it’s a little unusual.  I’ve always loved alpacas and they make awesome pets. They don’t need a lot of space, they eat all our veggie scraps and turn it into garden-friendly manure, they are low maintenance, don’t make any noise and are very clean – they have their own toilet!  We can also spin their fleece into lovely yarn and they are pretty cute and cuddly.

Way back in 2007, Anto and I did a course about keeping alpacas and decided we definitely wanted some.  We picked out 2 cute little crias (baby alpacas) and spent the 6 months until they were weaned from their mother’s visiting them weekly, handling them a lot to get them used to humans and teaching them to walk on a lead.

Here are some of the very early pictures of Inti and Chimu out at the farm, they were so cute and little! As you can see I was not great at photography back then……….

2017-02-28_0001 2017-02-28_0002

We spent a lot of time teaching them to walk on their leads, teaching them basic commands and even getting them in and out of our car!

2017-02-28_0003 2017-02-28_0004

Once they were weaned from their mother’s milk, just after 6 months old, we bought them home to be our backyard pets.  We had spent quite a bit of time fencing off areas we didn’t want them to get into (alpacas eat everything they can reach) and getting them a bedding and toilet area ready.  Way back when we first brought them home we actually had grass…… that didn’t last long with Inti and Chimu on the case!

2017-02-28_0005 2017-02-28_0006 2017-02-28_0007A couple of months after they came home, it was time for their first shearing. Our cute and very fluffy camelid babies, were all of a sudden very silly looking!

2017-02-28_0008 2017-02-28_0009

When they were little they used to come inside the house for visits.  They weren’t a big fan of our tiles (or stairs) though, so these days they only wander in every now and then to have an unauthorised munch on one of our indoor plants. They are pretty good at opening the door with their teeth/nose when they want our attention though!

2017-02-28_0010 2017-02-28_0011 2017-02-28_0012We have always walked Inti and Chimu daily, and as they grew they loved going for walks in the nearby reserve. Back when they were young and spritely, they would run up and down the hill with us!


By 2008, Inti and Chimu were losing their cria-cute looks and were most definitely getting bigger (and fluffier in preparation for another Winter). We were still out walking the neighbourhood daily and they were well-fed and well-loved!


2017-03-01_0003 2017-03-01_0004 2017-03-01_0005 2017-03-01_0006 2017-03-01_0007 2017-03-01_0008 2017-03-01_0009

By 2009 they were well and truly fully-grown and living a life of luxury in our backyard.  We had no grass to speak of, but they kept our plants well trimmed and we had to re-fence a few times as they grew taller and kept getting into our garden!

2017-03-01_0010 2017-03-01_0011 2017-03-01_0012 2017-03-01_0013

Life isn’t too hard for a backyard alpaca – daily walks and attention, straw and coats for when it’s cold and wet, and all the fruit and veggie scraps you can fit in!

2017-03-01_0014 2017-03-01_0015 2017-03-01_0016

In 2011, their lives got a whole lot more complicated.  The first tiny human (Astrid) arrived, and walks were forevermore accompanied by a pram, infant in an ergo or a toddler pulling on their lead.  By the time Soren arrived in 2013 they were used to small people running into the yard to give them pats and feed them peppermints and carrots!

2017-03-01_0017 2017-03-01_0018 2017-03-01_0019 2017-03-01_0020 2017-03-01_0021These days, they even begrudgingly let Astrid and Soren drag them up the hill for walks and take them for runs.  They have well and truly figured out that the kids give them a lot of treats and attention and aren’t so bad after all……

It turns out I’ve taken 2.5 thousand photos of the cute camelids over the years.  They are probably some of the most well-photographed alpacas going around.  Here are a few of my favourites from the last couple of years.

2017-03-01_0023 2017-03-01_0024 2017-03-01_0025 2017-03-01_0026


Now they are both 10 years old, and well and truly in the prime of their lives! Still cute as ever, if getting slightly more lazy as time goes by……  our walks are less energetic and more lazy grass-munching these days.

We hopefully will still be enjoying the pleasure of their company in another 10 years (alpacas generally live around 20 years).  It hardly seems like 10 years ago we decided to bring home those cute little crias.  I’m not sure our neighbourhood would be quite the same without the daily sightings of Inti and Chimu strolling around the streets!

2017-03-01_0022Happy 10th birthday Inti and Chimu……..

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