Favourite Photo Friday – 19/4/13

For this weeks Friday photo I have delved into our photos from last years Europe trip. We took a little over 5000 photos during our 2 months away and I diligently sorted, and tagged and backed up all of them as we went so we could keep track. I started out editing all the good photos from each day once Astrid was asleep at night, but the editing software ran very slowly on my laptop, and the laptop screen size left a lot to be desired. Editing was taking 5 times the amount of time it does at home, so after a week or two of sitting up half the night editing I gave up and just edited a few key shots from each day that were going to end up on our daily blog posts. The blog writing was keeping me busy enough!

The end result is I have a huge amount of photos I need to go back and edit and start compiling into albums. Now that I haven’t looked at the photos for a few months I’m almost excited to go through them again. When we first got home it was the last thing I felt like doing, but now it will be fun to look at all the cool things we did, saw and experienced again through our photos.

Today’s photo is one we took on our first full day in Paris. Astrid had woken at ridiculous o’clock (I think it was 3am?) and decided it was time to be up and about. We tried to keep her quiet and amused in our apartment, which anyone who was following our trip will remember was the size of a shoebox.  After a couple of hours we gave up on that idea and headed out to explore.  We wandered down past the Louvre and along the Seine, eventually ending up at the Eiffel Tower. We were walking along the Seine pre-dawn and it was beautiful watching all the lights sparkling on the river.

That morning was lovely, and we really felt like we were in Paris finally! Later that morning Astrid even tried her first Parisian croissant (soon to be a love affair!).  Here is one of my favourite shots from that day – the view from one of the bridges back up the Seine, as the sun came up. Just how I remember it!


 D80 with Tokina 12-24mm f4.0
ISO 1250, focal length 14mm
Exposure: 1/15 @ f/4.0

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