Easter 2021 – chocolate many ways!

Easter 2021 was of course full of chocolate, hot-cross buns and Easter egg hunts. With Easter falling in the first couple of days of April, and at the start of an early school holidays, there was plenty of time for fun and calories!

Mum and Dad had been away on our kid-free anniversary trip to Cairns and Granny made sure as she headed home from her 5 days of kid-wrangling she left the kidlets with a stack of chocolate treats (and new clothes and egg cups to boot). They weren’t complaining!

A couple of days later and it was Easter Sunday. The loot was laid out Saturday night and the kids were pretty happy when they woke up to discover their haul. Zinnia is in no doubt about what to do with eggs, and declined all help in unwrapping them!

Easter isn’t Easter without hot cross buns! Just because you eat them between January and Easter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have extra on Easter Sunday 🙂

Canberra was treating us to glorious Autumn weather, so on a warm Autumn afternoon we headed over to Granny’s for an egg hunt. Apparently Astrid thought we should have written clues in French, but Granny and Mum were slack and just hid the eggs this year!

Eggs all accounted for, baskets all full of chocolate, and there was only a small bit of fighting and wrestling amongst siblings! Soon it was time for dinner. Roast and veggies by Granny. Dessert by Nic and Anto.

If we hadn’t had enough of a chocolate theme, dessert was a chocolate and fig tart. Baked from scratch with fresh figs from the markets that morning. Finished with a spiced syrup and raspberry and white chocolate icecream.

Easter 2021 was a low-key and fun chocolate-filled affair. It seems like just the other day the kids were tiny and scoffing their first hot cross buns. So, just for fun, photos of Easter from the last few years…….

Easter through the ages….


Astrid was 9 months old and those were the days when we hadn’t yet introduced her to chocolate. Hot cross buns were clearly a different story (as were babycinos!)


Astrid was now 21 months and my super-baking assistant. We lost the battle over the love of chocolate while were in Europe. Toddlers in Paris get plenty of croissant (especially pain au chocolat) and endless chocolatey treats when in Switzerland and Belgium. Cadbury Creme cupcakes and hot cross buns were her new specialty.


Now with a little brother side-kick a 2 year old Astrid was looking very grown up. We had long since given up on dreams of her not liking chocolate. Soren, at just 6 months, on the other hand was still just happy to chew on his Easter basket 🙂


Preschooler Astrid was all about Easter egg hauls and egg-hunts. Soren at 18 months was definitely in on the chocolate band-wagon!


Easter 2016 just happen to be on my birthday, a not uncommon occurrence when Easter is late March ( I was born on Easter Monday after all 😉 ). Birthday breakfast for Mum followed by a day of chocolate egg consumption!


One of the best Easters ever! The first part of the Easter weekend was finishing our 5 day bike tour of Sardinia. All those mountains and kilometres dragging kids justified the endless gelato and delicious Easter treats served with our breakfasts. Then we flew to Venice for Easter Sunday. Fellow Aussie tourists had hidden eggs around the canals for the kids to find, all finished off with pizza and pasta dinners and beautiful sights!


We had to up the stakes for 2018. Easter in Paris, with egg-hunts (yes with clues in French), a trip to the ballet at Opera Garnier for Nic and Anto, a concert at the Madeleine church for all of us and wandering the streets of Paris with Granny eating delicious French treats! We may have also scored some hand-made Belgian Easter eggs during our time there the week earlier. Definitely an Easter to remember 🙂


It was definitely a less international Easter affair in 2019, with a 5 months old Zinnia in the mix! Astrid was now almost 8 and Soren 5.5. Both scored big in the chocolate stakes and were happy impersonating bunnies. Zinnia was just happy to chew on her new bunny! There wasn’t an Easter egg hunt in Paris but there was one at Granny’s house 🙂


Thanks to Covid it was the lockdown Easter! At least Easter meant school holidays and a break from home-school 🙂 Mum and Granny had stocked up on plenty of chocolate (just in case), and we had a home-based egg hunt. Zinnia had well and truly figured out that chocolate was delicious and that her siblings Easter baskets could be raided while they were distracted searching for the next egg…..

They have definitely grown over the years but the love of chocolate has not diminished. Who knows what Easter 2022 will bring? Bigger kids and more chocolate for sure. I’m not holding out much hope for European adventures but we there will be something fun no doubt 🙂

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